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Bee/Wasp Nests

If you believe you have a bee hive or wasp nest in your chimney the first step to take before you call a chimney sweep is to contact a Pest Control company. Before the hive or nest can be removed by achimney sweep the insects will need to be killed off A chimney sweep upsetting a live hive or wasp nest byinserting his rods and brushes up the chimney flue would likely result in the need for everyone to run very quickly.

Once a pest control company has dealt with the bees / wasps the hive or nest can then be removed in a manner very similar to the procedure used to remove birds nests

 Never use your fireplace / stove if you think you have a blockage.

 The best-case scenario is that you will end up with a room full of dangerous smoke.

The worst-case scenario is that you will have a chimney fire and possibly burn your house down.

Bird Nests

Bird nests built within chimneys are a common occurrence and need not be the cause of alarm as they are readily and easily removed. Bird nests are usually removed from chimneys by using a chimney sweep tool called a ‘ Nest Hook’. See image below.
The Hook is attached to a series or rods and inserted up the chimney flue until it reaches and then penetrates through the nest..

The Nest Hook is then pulled back down the chimney flue and in doing so literally pulls the nest apart. This process is repeated a number of times until the nest is broken up sufficiently enough to allow for the twigs and the various other items that the nest is comprised of to be swept down the chimney flue with brushes where it is then extracted.

Some nests can be removed in a short period of time, perhaps 15 minutes to half an hour. larger nests can take longer, perhaps an hour or so. This is particularly the case where a chimney has not been in use for a number of years and is then brought back into use. Often several generations of nests have been built, one upon the other.

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